Hi! Thank you for visiting Poly Art Fart! Everyone is welcome here, from artists to patrons, dabblers to hobbyists, masters and art lovers. We are all artists in our own ways, so I consider myself always among friends.

I’m Katie Biddle-Hatchard, a Freshman student at California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo. I’m majoring in Journalism, with minors in Art History and Marketing. I’m working on the paper, but much of my time is spent in the Craft Center, an on campus studio for student and local artists of all kinds.

All my life I’ve been doing art; my very first masterpiece involved diaper cream and a very valuable bedspread. Needless to say, it isn’t currently featured at the Met, but it was the beginning of my journey as an artist.

I come from a family of artists – my mother is the craftiest person alive, my sisters draw, sketch and paint, my father is wonderful at building things to use around the house.. I could go on forever. Living in this creative environment has made me into the art nut I am today.

This has gotten a bit long, but I’m so excited to start a new journey here, and to show everyone the skills, techniques, news, stories, and wonders of the art world here at Cal Poly and SLO. I won’t stop there, however – stop by for overall trends and news in the world of art!