“And Still, She Persisted..”

On January 1, 2017, hundreds of thousands of women on every continent (and I do mean EVERY) on the entire planet marched in solidarity against the presidency of Donald Trump. Clever, brilliant, beautiful, heart-wrenching signs were in almost every hand, even the smallest. If it hadn’t been for school, I would’ve been there too, traipsing along with my posterboard. Instead, I had to find my own ways to rebel, and to stand in solidarity with the inspiring and wonderful women of this world.

Trump”s election has taken on a deeper meaning: it’s now a symbol of misogyny, sexual assault, body shaming, and overall evil. Because of his “locker room talk”, various comments, and other incidents involving things such as PMS and weight gain, Trump is hated in many circles of women.

Today, we’re taking a small peek outside the studio, as well as within: how art impacted the women’s movement and allowed women to express themselves safely and effectively.

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” – Sun Tzu

With the results and events of the recent election, many women were feeling sad and angry, and wanted to fight back for a world of acceptance and love, where bodies weren’t shamed and periods weren’t the end of all woman authority.

After the election and around the time of the march, the craft center was getting a small-scale revolutionary tinge: a vagina cup, supposedly similar to the so-called ‘pussy hats’ was spotted! It was the talk of the studio for a few days, but it then vanished, never to be seem again. Here’s an example from the interwebs since I couldn’t capture the elusive vagina cup:

Source: PsychoLeo via Creative Commons, check out the Etsy shop!

I saw a boy student wearing one, but wasn’t able to catch him, so here’s the fantastic Nick Offerman wearing a ‘pussy hat’:

Through hats and mugs, solidarity has been shown by women the world over. There’s so much beautiful art to share, but let’s get back to the studio, where one sculptor has been encouraging others to love themselves and fight for what they believe in:

” The media thinKS we should be a certain body type, but that’s wrong. We’re all beautiful, and I want my art to help women see that,” said Tesla Boone, a senior who reguLarry can be seen in the craft center.” I make art with many body types to help acceptance.”

And it’s certainly beautiful: Boone has been creating statues of women and various creatures since she started at the craft center, and her figures are beautiful and patterned. Each seems to be a queen or king of its own right, gorgeous the way it is:

A Boone piece on the closeup on a woman’s body and not herself, hence the absence of arms and head

While pottery may seem like a difficult medium for protest, it’s actually quite possible, as evidenced by the mug and Boone’s pieces. Jane Benedict, the grand pooh-bah of the craft center, thinks that it’s ‘bullshit’ to think of ceramics as a simple art form:

” Pottery isn’t a form of expression? Frankly, I think that’s bullshit. It has the possibility of being something special and meaningful if you put the work into it,” Benediction said. “It’s easy to throw something together, but the best artists never do.”

Could vaginas mugs be a thing of the future? Will there be vases, bowls, plates appearing on the studio shelves? I don’t know, but this girl may have to make her own ‘pussy’ cup; except this one will bite back!


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