(A Lot of) New Friends join the Craft Center

There was a time when I knew everyone in the craft center, and would enter and exit in a cacophony of “hey!”s and “see ya Katie!”s. These days, the chorus is a bit quieter, and there’s no end to the people I meet.

The Battle of the Artists

In terms of space, the sudden boom of students in the craft center, particularly in the pottery section, have caused a huge lag in getting projects done and in space to properly work. The damp room is constantly crowded, new boards are propped up as shelves for work, the shelves are bursting with pieces drying, needing glazes, or bisque fired, and there’s fierce competition for different kinds of clay and tools. It’s practically a mad rush to get a wheel, especially during classes, which are now often.
The Teachers 

This quarter, 3 classes were added, for a total of 8 classes this quarter. Every day, each two hour class completely fills the available potters wheels, and their friends and admirers leave little space for other workers.

“It’s not that I don’t want them to offer less classes, but offer less classes!” Said Soil Science Junior Mary Macdonald. “Theres no room to work for those of us here every day, and it’s very annoying.”

The teachers have noticed this too, but are probably happy because of their filled pocketbooks. They do wonderful work, of course, and truly earn their money, so it’s hard to complain.
The Battle of the Kilns

At the End of the Day


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